About Eat Your Heart Out With Nick Helm

Can copious amounts of food mend a broken heart? Or will it just give you stomach ache as well as heartache? Nick Helm sets off on a culinary tour of the UK to find out.

Eat Your Heart Out With Nick Helm

Nick loves food and he can't quite believe that Dave has invited him to make a show about food and what it means to him. But, when his girlfriend tragically dumps him right at the start of the production, Nick has to come to terms with his new-found single status whilst making his brand new show, visiting one city at a time, finding food, eating food and sharing it with the new people and old friends he meets along the way.

From the dinner tables of unsung home cooks to cafes, restaurants, hidden bars, street eats and food trucks, Nick dives in and tries everything. Except eggs. He hates eggs. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, by the end of the series he'll have eaten himself better.

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