About Dynamo: Magician Impossible

The first series of UKTV’s award-winning and ground-breaking entertainment series, Dynamo: Magician Impossible, broadcasts on Dave for the first time this month.

Dynamo: Magician Impossible

The story of an ordinary boy from Bradford living an extraordinary life, Dynamo grew up practising precision card-handling and developing powerful magical skills. In Dynamo: Magician Impossible this young sensation travels the globe as the unassuming anti-hero who just happens to astound everyone he meets, whether international footballer or Hollywood actor.

Throughout series one, we’ll see Matrix-style levitations, impromptu mind-reading in Miami and amazed residents in South Beach after witnessing a spectacular teleportation. Then, heading to LA, where he amazes Natalie Imbruglia by bringing paper butterflies to life, before returning to the UK for a live stunt with Scott Mills on BBC Radio One.

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