About Driving Wars

The series that combines the very latest in remote control technology, robotics and high speed video links with some of Britain’s best stunt drivers.

Driving Wars

Presented by radio DJ and sports enthusiast Colin Murray, and his co-host Abi Griffiths, Driving Wars allows Britain's self proclaimed driving elite to take part in TV’s most dangerous motoring challenges all in the name of our viewing pleasure.

Whether it's boy racers versus the police or go kart supremos versus fire truck drivers, Driving Wars pits two teams of driving experts head-to-head. The rivals control full-size, real cars in real challenges, but not from the driving seat – they're actually several hundred metres away, in a converted Jaguar XJ6 that doesn't move an inch allowing them to take part in some pretty dangerous challenges without the risk of a broken back. Even the Top Gear boys would be impressed by this carnage-hungry set-up, which puts technology to the most hedonistic use imaginable. Hell, they'd probably lobby to nick the idea for their own show.

Now for the science bit. The steering system, accelerator and brakes of the Jaguar are hooked up to sensors that relay every move made by the contestants to a real car out on the track, via radio control. That car is fitted with high tech receivers that relay every turn of the wheel or foot on the pedal in the Jaguar to the radio control car by means of compressed air operated robotics. Using TV mini HD cameras inside the cars, the signal is transmitted via high-speed video link to the teams in the base station as they race against the clock for automotive bragging rights. Now go over that paragraph and read it again, only this time without skimming it impatiently or your eyes glazing over. Seriously, do it, because only then will you gain a fuller understanding of amazing – or "amazeballs" as today's swine youth might say – it all is. Amazeballs yes, but also pretty mental.

Take, for example, the episode which pits a bunch of female motoring hacks against three computer nerds. The teams have to try and avoid being squashed on the Road from Hell by a 12 tonne angry looking truck. Which is pretty unpleasant, a bit like that old Spielberg film Duel, and that's just for starters. There's also the episode in which the biker boys face off against the biker babes in a bid to out-manoeuvre and out-brilliance each other. They have to park on a moving flat bed truck and get involved in some pretty dangerous stunts to win the comp, all while trying not to come a cropper on two wheels. Honestly, it's enough to make us glad that the nearest we ever come to crazed driving is playing Grand Theft Auto and frantically swearing to ourselves.

The teams navigate their cars through dangerous driving face-offs and Hollywood style stunts, from the comfort of the simulator, aiming to last the longest and steer their vehicle to safety. Look out for challenges that include jumping a 100ft line of cars at 60-70 mph, avoiding a head on smash with a gargantuan tanker lorry and escaping from a giant industrial maze before their car is hit by missiles that will trigger a petrol bomb hidden in the boot. It sounds like we're making all this up in a kind of drunken stupor, but seriously – this is the sort of stuff that actually happens here. And that's why it's one of the most berserkly enjoyable shows on the box. Grab your driving gloves, slip on your helmet and brace yourselves for Driving Wars.

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