Deadliest Pests Down Under - Meet the Team

Nine Brits will observe and assist nine Australian pest controllers as they leave the cold streets of the UK behind.

Deadliest Pests Down Under

Goodbye mundane moths and mild moles - hello psychotic possums and killer crocs. So just who are these brave idiots? Sorry, brave HEROES. Well funny you should ask, because here they are in their own words.

Mark Bower Wildlife Management Expert, 49 Birmingham

The grossest thing I did in Australia was having to check whether a crocodile was male or female. You do this by sticking your finger where the sun don't shine to see if it's got a todger or not!

Louise Chapman 'Lady Mole Catcher', 48, Norfolk

None of the Australians knew what a mole was! All of the other cast members were younger than me except one, so I felt a little like a mother figure.

Jimmy Clarke Pest Control Technician, 27 Fulham

The weirdest moment in Australia was chasing a trapped kangaroo from within the gated confines of an old folks' home. It began as a rather surreal but simple task, but it soon escalated into an exhausting mission that had me running round in circles like Benny Hill!

Craig Freeman Co-owner of Stop That Pest, 38 Birmingham

We found a python in someone's garage that throttled me and sh*t on me at the same time - I think the film crew enjoyed that!

Colin Sims Owner of K&O Pest Control, 39 South London

My business is named after my two children Kasey and Oliver. In Australia, nothing grossed me out apart from having to go home and get back to reality. I'm not scared of any animals and felt excited all the time when dealing with the deadly pests!

Kasey Sims K&O Pest Control, 20 South London

Most people think I'm weird working for a pest control company but I LOVE IT. In Oz the cane toads really grossed me out - they have these glands on their neck which are full of poison and can kill other animals. I hope I don't come across them again for a while.

Ryan Thrower Pest Controller, 20, Suffolk

The worst thing about pest control is getting down and dirty and ruining my hair! I'm not sure I could live Down Under, some of the girls I met made working with crocodiles seem like a piece of cake!

Martin Wood Student, 24, Canterbury

I was born and raised in British Forces Germany and I also spent three years in Afghanistan. When I was in Australia, clearing out rats from an old kitchen reminded me of the film The Bone Collector - I was expecting to find a corpse in that place!

Amber Zakrzewski Horse Trainer, 24, Essex

I'm a former Miss Essex and was determined to show I was tough enough to work with these pests! I wrestled a crocodile, swam with sharks and worked with snake catchers - I had to catch a poisonous red-bellied black snake from underneath someone's sofa!

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