About Deadliest Pests Down Under

Our new and exclusive series follows a group of brave (and occasionally hapless) British pest controllers as they take on the challenge of spending a summer season in Australia.

Deadliest Pests Down Under

For pest controllers Down Under, every day is a brush with death and it's getting even more dangerous as the continent's critters are winning the battle. So desperate for help, they have called in the cavalry from the motherland. Nine brave Brits will be matched with their Australian counterparts as they leave the cold streets of the UK behind, swapping mild moles for psychotic possums, baby bed bugs for super-sized spiders and mundane moths for killer crocs.

Their guides are some of the toughest pest controllers that Australia has to offer. There's a real life Crocodile Dundee, Barefoot Bushman Rob Bredle in Northern Queensland, who is never happier than when he is riding on the back of his one-tonne pets. Col the exterminator from New South Wales, who regularly juggles lethal funnel-web spiders with his bare hands, and Kylie who describes herself as a 'snake yoda'.

Dreaming of sun, sea, and cold beers on the beach after a gentle day's pest catching, the reality will be very, very, different. They come face to face with snakes, crocodiles and feral pigs that could kill them. After all an Aussie pest controller who hasn't been to the emergency room just isn't doing his job right.

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