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Sarah has gone on to great things since she was named Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Festival

Sarah Millican

"My sister tells people that we're all funny in our family, but I'm the only one who gets paid for it" - Sarah Millican

There are some tough gigs in the world of stand-up comedy, and then there's being first on stage, performing your first-ever gig in the back end of a scary pub in Newcastle. “All the women were just sat with their arms folded thinking, ‘Come on then, make me laugh!’ It went really well and I guess that’s what started me off. My ex-husband might not like me, but look at all the people who do. It’s just therapy!”. And according to the Geordie lass it only took five minutes to get her audience hooked. "I did 5 minutes in a batwing top and for 2 and a half minutes they stared and for 2 and a half minutes they laughed. Then a man told me off for a coffin joke. I loved it." After this little of success, Sarah gained the confidence she needed to enter the world of comedy full time.

Her debut Edinburgh Fringe show in 2008 saw her become only the second woman in more than 17 years to win the coveted if.comedy Best Newcomer Award for her bittersweet show, "Sarah Millican’s Not Nice." Her show charted the failure of her seven-year marriage (and by failure we mean her husband's apparent shock decision to leave after seven years – we bet he was the type of bloke to take the ice trays). Poor Sarah went on to relive moving back in with her parents after the divorced and told how she found solace in local theatre writing groups. She's like a modern Emily Bronte. Sort of. Well, not at all really. But, nevertheless, telling a whole load of strangers about it seemed to do the trick (rumour has it she's now dating fellow comic Gary Delaney) and in the long run, having a good laugh about it with a room full of strangers is probably much more satisfying than throwing his clothes out of the window. Not that we encourage that sort of behaviour or condone it in any way…

Anyway, as well as being a hugely successful stand-up comedian, Sarah has made a number of appearances on high profile shows such as 8 out of 10 Cats, Have I Got News For You, Mock The Week, You Have Been Watching and David Mitchell's panel show, The Bubble. She even popped up on Loose Women – which is a mark of female solidarity if ever there was one. Sarah has also featured in the Manchester edition of Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, where Michael voiced the overwhelming feeling of the crowd, yelling out: "We love the Millican" - all be it quite camply, whilst running floppy haired across the stage – but the sentiment was correct.

If all that isn't enough for you, she can also make a honking horn sound with her mouth and she’s good at knowing which painkillers go with what. Both of which come in very handy, we're sure (although, if you're as baffled as we think you might be by that comment, we urge you to watch a few more clips of her stand-up shows – the woman's a Pharmaceutical genius). More than that though, she's just a lovely woman – with a slight indifference to the frailty of old women, a somewhat scathing relationship with dieting and an unapologetic dismissal of most of the male population – but kind none the less. Don't believe us? Check out her One Night Stand.

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