Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish S2 episode guide

Dave Gorman returns for a second series and eight brand new mischievous comedy performances. He still thinks modern life is good…ish, but, faced with relentless hype, media overkill and technological harassment, it’s the ‘ish’ that continues to both fascinate and infuriate him.

Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish

Episode 1 - I Call Mine Sally

In the first episode, Dave gets involved in shredding some naughty magazines, helps a gerbil to fulfill its destiny, and is surprised by what develops when he finds an old-fashioned camera and hands the film in.

Episode 2 - Winston Churchill’s Pants

‘Fun Facts’ – what’s fun about them? Just what is Richard Branson capable of, according to the British public? And, if Dave’s right, why must David Dickinson be stopped?

Episode 3 - Just Chips That Haven’t Been Made Yet

In the third episode of the series examining the quirks, contradictions, frustrations and absurdities of modern life, Dave considers celebrity endorsements, and exclusively reveals the Queen’s thoughts on insoles.

Episode 4 - Poogle

After turning his attention to micro-chipped cats, over-familiarity in coffee shops, self-driving cars, and the pointlessness of QR codes, Dave tries his hand at cyber-squatting.

Episode 5 - I Would Drink That Bathwater

Dave reveals why 184 people contacted him in one hour to tell him what he already knew, weighs up the true value of online petitions and explains how he took on cage-fighter Alex Reid and won. (Not at cage-fighting, obviously.)

Episode 6 - Dat is Data Dat Is

In this episode, Dave considers the appeal of dogging, explains why he was asked to move his van from a restaurant car-park, and highlights some of Lord Sugar’s more surprising recent tweets.

Episode 7 - I Like Hot Bananas

'Greatest Hits' albums, world records and superlative abuse are put under the spotlight as the studio audience is treated to a truly deluxe experience. Warning: features naked yoyo-ing.

Episode 8 - The Dirt Collects There

Dave Gorman’s quirky and highly personal investigation draws to a close with light-bulbs, gravy-boats, dot-to-dot books and Lego all being assessed for their contribution to modern life’s overall goodishness.

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