About Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish

Using his trademark blend of stand-up and documentary comedy, Dave flips open his laptop once again and fires up his PowerPoint to share more wry observations and frustrations.

Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish

Let’s get straight to the point: Dave Gorman thinks modern life is good... ish. However, tired of endlessly being sold stuff he doesn't need, manipulated by the media and harassed by technology, he’s become slightly obsessive about the 'ish'.

But instead of letting it drive him mad he's decided to fight back. A bit. Sort of. Ish. In this series he shares his observations and vents his frustrations in a series of mischievous comedy performances that cover everything from our behaviour online to the cult of celebrity, family, money and faith.

Presented using his own unique blend of stand-up, visual storytelling and real-world experimentation, expect a whole new take on the things we normally take for granted.

In the first series we saw Dave dissect idiocy on the internet, ill-thought-out technological solutions, unquestioned advertising logic, online ‘news’ and one-click agreements to pages of terms and conditions. The second series covers a whole new slew of irks and irritations including celebrity endorsements, cyber-squatting, online petitions, micro-chipped cats and the pointlessness of QR codes.

There isn’t a better or more spot-on analysis of modern life. And, let’s face it, the fact that a man called Dave has a show on a channel called Dave – well, that’s got to be one of the good things about modern life. Definitely no ‘ish’ involved.

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