Stephen K Amos Profile

He's been mistaken for a black Alan Sugar and Jeffery from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but to us, he's just Stephen K Amos: a man so funny he even likes to laugh at his own jokes.

Stephen K Amos

Growing up as one of eight children, and with a twin sister to boot, Stephen K Amos must have been dying to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately for Stephen, he had to make do with being a little fish in a big pond at the start, literally – he was the compere at the Big Fish comedy clubs in South London. Luckily for us, all this standing in the shadows worked for him, and he now regularly tours across the globe and is a regular face on quizcoms, among many other mirth-making projects.

The Amos family moved over from Nigeria in the 1960's and Stephen's routine is often pointedly peppered with choice racist remarks, which may set the audience's bum cheeks to clench (at least until he reminds them it's ok to laugh). Stephen knows how to toy with his crowds, flitting between a strong Nigerian accent and his rather posher natural London one, much to his, and their, amusement. He's a bit of a rebel too - repeatedly breaking one of the golden rules of comedy by explaining jokes – which of course only serves to make them even funnier. It also has the handy bonus of meaning you could take your nan along to a gig and she wouldn't have to keep asking what it all means. Although with Stephen's penchant for referring to his manhood and encouraging his audience to chant "baboon" at him, maybe that's not such a good idea after all...

Stephen's performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the past decade and it was on that celebrated stage in 2006 he came out as gay to his audience in the All of Me show. As well as touring the UK in early 2009 with his hugely popular show Find the Funny and the sell-out national tour The Feel Good Factor, Stephen's been a key squabbler in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Great Debate since making his debut in 2006. Being well rehearsed at getting the audience on his side, Mr Amos is a perfect fit for the art of debating. No he isn't. See what we did there...

After successful stints Down Under, Amos went on to New Zealand, where he won Best International Comedian at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, proving that Australia and New Zealand can at least agree on one thing – Amos has the gift of the gab, mate!

Not content with simply taking to the stage as a stand up comic, Stephen hosted The People's Music Awards in 2010 as well as appearing in EastEnders, on Soccer AM and as a contestant on Celebrity Mastermind. But it's his stand up that's marked Stephen out as one of the brightest and best loved acts on the circuit, as well as making him one of the few comedians to have appeared on the Royal Variety Performance in 2007, proving he was funny by Royal Approval.

Stephen's own show for the BBC, The Stephen K Amos Show, was axed but having received warm feedback from various people in relation to his racial and political comments, including the ground-breaking and risky documentary he made about homophobia in Jamaica, Stephen's sure to continue to use comedy to inspire and empower people. Or, in his own words, to carry on his slide towards going "all Oprah".

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