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He's not only a gifted presenter, stand up comic and actor, he's also cultivated some of the finest facial hair in the business.

Rufus Hound

Rufus Hound got his big TV break on Destination Three, setting the worlds of music, comedy and film to rights alongside fellow beard enthusiast Justin Lee Collins, and showing that he's always been an argumentative so-and-so. Destination Three also showcased Rufus's wit, not to mention his love of all things musical, which soon saw him drafted in to the Beeb's coverage of the annual mud 'n' music jamboree that is Glastonbury.

Rufus' impressive turn in the swamps of Pilton landed him the dream job of any self-respecting muso - presenting the sorely missed slice of glitter and lip-synching that is Top of the Pops. Paired with Fearne Cotton, Rufus brought a much-needed air of sarcasm to the hit parade. It held him in good stead when he was faced with presenting the slightly less glamorous Grime Scene Investigations, but if ever there was a man who could bring out the funny side in mucky pups the length and breadth of the nation it was our Rufus, who was once described as "the rich man's Simon Pegg" by none other than the high priest of wit, Stephen Fry.

A regular talking head, Rufus' wry observations about school life in The Law of the Playground showed everyone just how far he's come, and if further proof was needed it could be found in his canny eye for business, as shown by his appearance on The Apprentice: You're Fired. Romantic Rufus has also showed that he's far more rock 'n' roll than most of the musicians he's introduced when, in 2007, he wed his girlfriend at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, and as if that wasn't cool enough, the pair had met at the previous year's Reading Festival. If that's not cool enough, he once dragged his best mate Steve on an adventure to visit all the pubs inside the M25 called The Red Lion. Why? Why not, it’s Rufus after all.

So amazing is Rufus that on his agent's website, instead of listing his many achievements he has instead posted a little poem, which he reckons has "an unpleasant ‘cutesy’ element to it." Luckily for him, he's a much better comedian than he is a poet.

Despite having one of the busiest schedules, and most varied CVs, of anyone on the circuit, Rufus isn't one to rest on his laurels and he's never moved away from his first love of live stand-up. All that practice putting down foolish hecklers should mean that Rufus will be a tough man to win a row with, as his fellow captain Marcus Brigstocke will agree on as they've constantly clashed on Dave panel show Argumental. In fact he famously got completely naked on Argumental to prove a point about naturalism. He then did naked cartwheels and forced Marcus Brigstocke into a game of badminton. A beautiful thing to behold, trust us.

Recently he's taken the mick out of Cheryl Cole for Comic Relief's Lets Dance competition by performing Fight For This Love – we reckon he did it better as well. In fact he won the show, that's how good he was. But we think it had as much to do with the fishnet leotard he was wearing, as it did his vocal capabilities. He's also proved himself to be pretty ruthless, having taken part in Channel 4's reality show Famous and Fearless. And if all that wasn't enough, he's been cosying up with Fearne Cotton again, as a regular panellist on Keith Lemon's Celebrity Juice. Exhausting.

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