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Robert Llewellyn is many things – former android, writer, Internet pioneer and petrolhead.

Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn's life could have been a very different proposition, and we're not talking cobblers. Or rather we are – he started out as a shoemaker, churning out fancy brogues for posh gents before realising his career lay in the funny arts rather than measuring sweaty in-steps.

Starting out as a compere and putting together a comedy troupe called The Joeys led to Robert taking a show called "Mammon, Robot Born Of Woman" to Edinburgh. Rob's rib-tickling portrayal of a naughty robot caught the eye of Paul Jackson, the producer on Red Dwarf who was in the market for a nifty robo-wit. The rest was angular-headed history.

Robert soon became a modern comic icon as Kryten, but there's a lot more to him than droll put-downs of that smeeeee-heeeee... Rimmer. Back on Earth, Rob's relationship with technology extends way beyond the confines of his android alter ego. Robert's rarely happier than when he's knee-deep in metal of some sort, from the A-Team style Scrapheap Challenges which he oversaw like some sort of cackling cost-cutting despot to shows like How Do They Do It and Hollywood Science where he came on like the world's coolest science teacher.

Robert's been able to indulge his other major passion in recent years thanks to the wonders of the internet, the first home for his innovative Carpool. In the show, Robert gives his comedy chums and other assorted interesting folk a lift in his Toyota Prius and shoots the breeze with them - it's kind of like if Parkinson was funny, didn't just talk to Billy Connolly every week and was a dab-hand with an A to Z.

The show was clearly too funny and downright awesome to be contained by HTML, so it hit our screens courtesy of Dave and our chums at Toyota. It is however lucky we are even able to see the footage due to the fact that back in 2009 when Robert was delivering Carpool footage to his editor, he was involved in a collision which left him unconscious for 10 minutes, his laptop the shape of a banana and his beloved Prius a mangled mess. Robert thanked his Prius for keeping him safe, which is a damn site more sturdy than the go-kart he was taught to drive in by his brother at the tender age of 11.

Definitely a keen car lover, it is probably incorrect to call Llewellyn a petrol head due to the fact that he is actually a rather eager electric car advocate. So, if you want to get into Robert's good books, lose that gas guzzling motor and maybe grow your own veg, or you know, urm, something equally green and environmentally friendly.

It could however be quite a feat to keep up with the eco-warrior that is Robert Llewellyn. Harking back to his forgotten hippie days, which we imagine involved a lot of flowery flare-wearing and peace sign making, Robert wrote a book about not shopping for a whole year, called Sold Out. Turns out darning socks isn't just something women in the 1900s did. Who'd have thought it.

But, if you're not quite ready to lose your motor or give up your Tesco's finest hand washed carrots (we don't blame you) just grab yourself a cuppa (only boil as much water as you really need, remember) and settle down with Red Dwarf or Scrapheap challenge for a lovely dose of Mr Llewellyn and let him do all the hard work for you.

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