Miranda Hart Profile

Miranda is a huge comic talent, in every sense. Six foot one in her stockinged feet, Miranda’s a lot of funny – as she’s proven by amassing a jaw-slackeningly impressive comedy CV.

Miranda Hart

The daughter of a Royal Navy officer and rather well-to-do mother, it could have been so different for our Miranda – to the manor born, posher than a swan croissant, blue-blooded and an oh so respectable former boarding school pupil. By rights she should have become a lady of leisure, or letters. She admitted on the Frank Skinner show that her family can be traced back to the 12th century and that her aunt and uncle own a castle – though they can't afford to run it. But, despite coming from an upper-class background full of decorated relatives, Miranda feels more at home with the everyday working class and cringes at the mere mention of being a posho.

Originally it seemed that she would be drawn towards the world of politics rather than comedy, graduating with an upper second degree in the subject from the University of the West of England. Instead she decided to dedicate her life to the service of our funny bones, taking a solo show to Edinburgh in 2002 and wowing the crowds with her observations and fine line in self-deprecation.

Before becoming famous in her own right, she was often recognised as the woman in the Alpen advert who eats cat litter instead of cereal. We imagine she's thrilled at the prospect of never living that down.

But it wasn't long before she was soon picking up influential fans, including comic royalty like Jennifer Saunders who filled the BBC’s halls with guffaws while watching a read-through by Miranda of a comedy script. Miranda’s early stand-up was more character-based than most of her gag-happy contemporaries, and would later be turned into her radio show, and sitcom Miranda (imaginative title, that).

Before catching her solo break, Miranda had slowly become a regular on our screens, with an occurring role in the space-set sitcom Hyperdrive and guest slots in everything from Nighty Night and The Vicar of Dibley to Absolutely Fabulous. One guest turn, in Lee Mack’s Not Going Out, went down so well she was asked to become a regular, playing Barbara – a cleaner as neurotic as whichever poor soul has to clean out Wayne Rooney’s cage.

Her own sitcom was green-lighted by the Beeb in 2009, after a successful stint on radio, and Miranda became a word-of-mouth hit, proving once and for all that we all love to laugh when poshos make a fool of themselves.

It was in fact so popular that it's been re-commissioned for another two series, due to air in 2011 and 2012. It also bagged a shedload of awards, including the Best Comedy Award from the Royal Television Society, and in 2011 Miranda swept the British Comedy Award's off its feet winning, Best Comedy Actress, People's Choice Award for the King or Queen of Comedy and Best New British TV Comedy. She was also nominated for a Bafta.

But Miranda’s not just a cracking comic actress however, she’s also a mighty fine funnies writer as she proved by penning sketches for girl power-tastic Smack the Pony. She can cook having been crowned the winner of a Red Nose Day edition of Masterchef and she's done her bit for charity, cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End to raise money for Comic Relief. Alongside six other celebrities she made over one million pounds – which is pretty impressive by our standards, the most we've ever raised is a weary smile and a polo from our back pocket that's covered in fluff. All in all, it's hats off to the rather Mir-vellous Miranda Hart.

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