About Dave Gorman

He's a stand-up, presenter, comic and has a terrific first name, don't you think?

About Dave Gorman

Numbers geek Gorman studied mathematics at Manchester University where he was cajoled into attending a comedy-workshop by - the then unknown - Frank Skinner. Proving himself as a natural stand-up, he was soon doing paid gigs in Birmingham. Not one to brag, Gorman's family and friends only discovered what he'd been doing with his evenings when they spotted him on telly!

A year after his first gig, Gorman dropped out of Uni and signed up for life as a comic. Cementing his success at the Edinburgh Festival he struck gold in 1996 by landing the job of co-writer on The Mrs Merton Show. It was around 1998 that Gorman started working on his concept shows. Starting with 1998, Reasons to be Cheerful, then Better World, and then the biggie that everyone remembers - Are You Dave Gorman. He travelled tens of thousands of miles around the world to meet and greet with 54 other Dave Gormans in order to settle a pub bet with his then flatmate Danny Wallace. It was definitely worth the effort as the story became a bestselling book.

In 2003 Gorman created his most successful show to date, Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure. First performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, this true story of how his life was nearly ruined by an internet word-game, toured the world and in the UK alone has been seen by over 100,000 people, also winning the award for the best one man show at Aspen.

Fast forward to now and you’ll also know him from Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish, a brilliant six-part series, sharing his observations and frustrations about our behaviour online, the cult of celebrity and all that other stuff that seems to rule of lives these days.

And how else might you recognise this hilarious fella? Well it could be his coast-to-coast road trip book and documentary, America Unchained, or maybe you listen to him DJ on Absolute Radio every Sunday morning. He’s also a regular chatterer on the Twittersphere, so you’ve got easy access to his every wise word.

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