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Colin Murray's just like the rest of us, he gets up and goes to work. Except his work involves talking about football, playing music and most recently hosting Driving Wars – the lucky devil.

Colin Murray

We could give you a load of puns about Murray's career hitting the back of the net and how he's yet to score an own goal when it comes to television, but we won't. Mainly because we can't actually think of many more. Instead, we'll give you a brief history of the wonder that is Mr Colin Murray, the man who's had some of the best jobs on the box. Although he hasn't become Top Gear presenter – yet.

Kicking things off, we should mention that Colin was brought up in a little place called Ballybean estate in Dundonald in Castlereagh Borough. In Northern Ireland. Honestly, couldn't he have just been born in Kent or something? Having been booted out (there's another pun!) of school for being a bit of a terror in the classroom – although what they perceived as trouble making (ie, cracking jokes, asking annoying questions and being an all-round loudmouth) turned out to be pretty handy for his forthcoming career. Diving head first into a journalism career, Murray quickly proved he had a talent with words and landed himself an apprenticeship on a Canadian newspaper, of all places. After a year of presumably gorging on pancakes laced in maple syrup and skating on frozen lakes (that's what Canadians do right?) Murray returned to his native Northern Ireland and began working as a music journalist.

After a short spell working for Radio 1, Murray auditioned to be the entertainment presenter on Channel 4's morning show RI:SE (remember that?), but instead landed the role of news guy. It should have been a great gig for the up-and-coming lad, but it actually turned out to be a right pain the backside, and his experience on RI:SE actually managed the seemingly impossible and put him off TV for a while. But one good thing did come out of it: Murray wound up joining his one-time RI:SE co-presenter Edith Bowman on Radio 1, on the inventively named Colin and Edith Show. They appeared to be a match made in radio heaven however, as the show earned Radio 1 a whopping 5.5 million viewers. Terry Wogan must have been crying into his hanky over on Radio 2. Actually, he probably wasn't really that bothered, but Murray can pretend.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Murray, a life-long Liverpool fan, moved into sports presenting, and his career since then has balanced music stuff with sports stuff that frankly makes us sick with jealousy. Just consider the fact that this is the guy who took over John Peel's legendary slot on Radio 1, as well as presenting radio sports shows and then, in 2010, replacing ole' jug head Adrian Chiles on Match of the Day 2. Not content with footie, he's also covered American Football – which you basically need to be some kind of staggering genius to even understand – as well as television poker, and darts. He's also covered Glasto (there's that simmering jealousy coming up again) and even written a book. And there's the small matter of Driving Wars, which he presents right here on Dave.

Anyone else would basically rest of this big fat wad of laurels, but not our Colin. He's talked about his ambition to be a fiction writer, and apparently has an idea he could make short stories fashionable and even lucrative again. We wouldn't put it past him, to be honest. He's already a chronic over-achiever, after all. Oh well, he deserves it. But Gary Lineker better watch out – Colin'll be after his chair on MOTD soon...

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