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He looks and sounds like such a nice pleasant boy - but don't be fooled, behind the polite brand of observational comedy lies a sharp and acerbic performer. Chris Addison is not afraid to go straight for the jugular! Hold onto your throats.

Chris Addison

Chris has been around being funny for rather a while, starting out on the stand-up circuit in 1995. It wasn't long before his solo shows at Edinburgh Festival got him noticed and he was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Perrier Awards. The Scottish Fringe festival embraced him and he's been a regular there ever since. He's even the proud owner of two Perrier Awards for his show Civilisation and Atomicity.

Still not sure who he is? Maybe mentioning BBC satirical comedy series The Thick Of It will help. And the film adaptation In The Loop will jiggle even more memory sticks. Or perhaps it’s the BBC 2 comedy Lab Rats that will make you go 'oh that's where'. If you still can't put your finger on it, this hilarious comedian/actor/writer has also shown his innocent looking face on Have I Got News For You, Would I Lie To You, 8 out of 10 Cats and is now settling in to his full time seat on the Mock the Week panel – kudos Chris!

Seemingly a Twitter junkie and spookily youthful in appearance (he's quite the lover of a trusty pair of Converse trainers), Chris seems pretty down with the kids - but he's got a sarcastic bite to him that shows his true age (that and the fact that he admits that he loves watching Time Team). Take a simple discussion about pirates - not content with considering the power that they had over the waves, he ponders the fact that they were fantastic role models for disabled people. Or, consider his views on re-decorating - most people just want to pop up a new bit of wallpaper when they arrive in their new home, while Chris enjoys the satisfaction of writing "I will kill again" in blood red paint before hanging up his new floral print. Clearly a man with too much time on his hands. Seriously, why else would he watch Time Team?

From worrying about his own corpse being dug up in less than 50 years for some kind of school archaeology project (which he decides should be dealt with by he and the whole audience opting to be buried with their backsides up in the air surrounded by eight toasters, in order to confuse the lot of them) to worrying about the generation of bankers controlling the funds of our country, Chris seems to have more than a few adult gripes. He's not afraid to put his money where his mouth is though, and Chris actually ended up writing a fortnightly column for The Guardian called Funny Money, in which he discussed his views on finance. Oo-er!

But, don't get us wrong – Chris certainly isn't the next Jack Dee. He bounds around the stage like a ball on an elastic band. We dare you to try and keep track of his hand movements – at times, we're not altogether sure that he wouldn't have been happier as a puppeteer. Resplendent in floral shirts and fuzzy hair, Chris happily giggles (yes, giggles – not very manly we know) at his own jokes while throwing a few big words like incandescent in with the more common four letter ones – just for variety like.

So, if you're all for a bit of sarcasm, Chris Addison is bound to appeal to your funny bone. Just don't let him near your burial ground!

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