Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre looks a bit like a public schoolboy who's just stolen a big bag of toffee and got away with it.

Michael McIntyre

It's not often comedians take to the stage and chat about how long a tin of tuna has been in the cupboard to rapturous applause, but Michael McIntyre could probably make watching paint dry funny. With his floppy hair and continuous head jiggling, Michael has fast become one of Britain's favourite comedians and won a fair few awards in the process – all the while sounding like he'd be better suited to giving us advice on which sweater would go with our shoes.

Michael was born in 1976, raised in north London and attended public school. As well as being financially privileged, he was also privileged in a comedy sense, because his father, Ray Cameron, was a great comedy script writer. And while Michael claims to look like a fat Chinese guy when he smiles, he is in fact, half Hungarian.

Michael's career sky-rocketed in 2003 when, like so many in Dave's Hall of Fame, he was nominated for the Perrier award at the Edinburgh festival. Having grown up in London, his material is inevitably based on the nuances of modern urban life - from the commuter getting his head caught in the doors of the tube train (and still taking out a book), to the surge of self esteem earned from giving a stranger the time, Michael's brilliant at whittling out the comedy in everyday situations ensuring his shows are full of easy laughs.

Also, just to prove he's the real deal and not a just a smooth deliverer of pre-planned gags, he works his audience, weaving their contributions into his act seamlessly. At times he will chuckle to himself between gags, as if remembering something funny he saw on TV last night. Probably on Dave.

Michael, who happily admits that if he tried to initiate a fight it would sound like a gay come on, actually once refused to perform a gig because there was a group of debt collectors in the crowd. But, debt collectors are unlikely to be visiting Michael any time soon. He bought a £3.7 million house with the advance from his autobiography, Life and Laughing, and his two live tours, Hello Wembley and Live and Laughing, became the biggest selling stand-up DVDs of all time.

Naturally, telly appearances followed the sold-out stand up shows. In fact there's not one comedy panel show he hasn't been on. Mock the Week, Have I Got News For You and 8/10 Cats to name just a few. As such it was no real surprise when Michael was rewarded with his own show, Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow. Cue a lot of floppy haired running around and Michael McIntyre insisting “we love” everyone, but hey, it works.

Fame seems to suit Michael (he finds his name often gets fines dropped), but he was still a seemingly odd choice for 2011's Britain's Got Talent alongside David Hasselhoff and Amanda Holden, even following the fact that he was the youngest ever host of The Royal Variety Performance. But his nicey nice approach (not sure he got the point of the buzzer) made him a BGT favourite.

Now getting ready for another tour, this warrior of the loft, king of the man drawer and owner of every appliance manual you could possibly need, is giggling his way to comedy victory despite being the comedian that comedians love to hate. He even dislocated his shoulder on stage and everyone laughed. If we didn't know better we'd think he must have been utterly 'gazeboed'....

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