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Alternative comedian, quiz show host and thinking woman's crumpet, Angus Deayton is a man of many talents. Here's the lowdown on the man who made smirking into an art form.

Angus Deayton

Known for being tabloid fodder, Have I Got News For You's former presenter, the long suffering neighbour of Victor Meldrew and ladies' favourite, Angus Deayton is a man of many talents. He was the golden boy of TV until that story broke - we still love him though. Just not in the way he apparently likes to be loved...

Gordon Angus Deayton, nicknamed Perkins, was born in 1956 and raised in Surrey. An early interest in football led to a trial with Crystal Palace when he was 12, but he went on to study French and German at Oxford University. Joining in the comedy circuit at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, Angus was soon recruited as part of a spoof Bee Gees band, The Hee Bee Gee Bees. Unbelievably the band even sold a single and went to number two of the Australian chart with "Meaningless Songs in Very High Voices". Well, it is the land of Peter Andre.

Angus started his career doing a radio spoof show, which he hosted alongside comedian and all-round legend Rowan Atkinson. Rowan, being a lovely chap, sorted Angus out some small roles in early Mr Bean episodes and a role in Blackadder, where he played one of the Jumping Jews of Jerusalem. Then he landed the part of Patrick Trench in One Foot In The Grave, which luckily for him caused the BBC to perk up their comedy scouting ears. The Beeb gave Angus the thoroughly amazing job of presenting Have I Got News For You and cementing him in Dave Icon history. Around that time he was also in a telly advert for the Vauxhall Nova, but the less said about that the better.

Angus hit the big time with Have I Got News For You. His particular brand of sarcasm and cutting-edge wit made him an instant favourite with the comedy news panel show. In 1993 a kiss 'n' tell story by an ex-girlfriend earned him the moniker of "TV's Mr Sex", a strangely prophetic tag that would spell his demise nine years later. By 2002 Angus' eleven-year tenure ended after 23 series, following two separate scandals. A call girl revealed to the News of the World that she'd had a relationship with Angus and that it wasn't just beans he was full of, and a few months later another woman published details of a long-standing affair. The BBC asked for his resignation, saying his job as a satirical commentator would be a lot more difficult to pull off.

Despite the japes, the crew seemed to be good friends, but they didn't take any prisoners after Angus' tabloid scandal. For the first show following the revelations, Paul Merton showed up wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the front page of the News of the World. Paul smirked: "The words pot, kettle, smug, git, good and kicking all come to mind." Seven and a half million people watched Angus getting torn apart as he was on the receiving end of the sort of mockery he'd usually dished out. When Michael Parkinson asked Paul if he had stabbed Angus in the back he replied, "No, I stabbed him in the front."

Angus has had a variety of jobs since then, including presenting the 2008 British Comedy Awards and comedy panel show Would I Lie to You? where he thoroughly annoyed the BBC by making jokes about Jimmy Savile and his mother. Which is exactly what you'd expect him to be doing and the reason he'll always be a Dave Icon.

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