Alan Davies Profile

Comedian, actor, and QI court jester, Alan Davies is a despicably talented chap. We pay homage to the man and the hair cut.

Alan Davies

Alan Davies' CV is packed with brilliant achievements. Not the least of which is doing more for duffel coats than anyone since Paddington Bear. For someone who is forever setting off the buzzer on QI, Alan's actually quite a bright chap. He's got 12 O-Levels and a Drama degree, the clever clogs.

For a man best known for sensible winter wear and a 70s Kevin Keegan haircut, Alan Davies hasn't done a bad job of becoming a sex symbol. A lot of that's down to Jonathan Creek, of course. Prior to that cult show, he was just another clever stand up comic with an Edinburgh Festival Critics Award (and who among us doesn't have one of them on our mantelpiece?). Oh and he won Time Out's Best Young Comic in 1991, and he was Perrier pick of the Fringe in 1994 and got a DVD released as a result - but everyone can do that right?

Despite all this chuckle-making, it was a semi-serious acting role, as Mr Creek, that made Alan the most desirable windmill-dwelling magician-detective on telly - the thinking woman's geek of choice. After all, who could resist his mop-headed, perma-baffled charms? We hope Alan felt suitably smug about hitting the big time, because when he was a lad his deputy head assured him he'd never amount to much.

Alan started on his path to stardom in the late 80s by doing gigs in working men's clubs, which strikes us as an idea as weird as Jim Davidson doing performance art at the Edinburgh Festival. Since Jonathan Creek, Alan's done everything from poignant drama (Bob and Rose) to highly unlikely supporting roles (a copper on Marple). Recently he's stepped in to the modern world of the Twitterati, and regularly updates us on the small but vital observations that make Alan-world such a delightful place to inhabit. (He sat near Michael Jackson in the theatre, apparently.)

But it's for QI that most of us now know and adore him - his shambling, whimsical persona making him the ideal class clown to the kingly Stephen Fry. You've got to admire Alan for heroically losing just about every programme - his kamikaze gormlessness producing some of the show's greatest answers. He even managed to get four words into the QI Book of General Ignorance - "Will this do, Stephen?" Alan's actually in every single episode of QI, except for one where he was in France watching the Champions League Final. We reckon he still managed to get some answers wrong though.

Contrary to popular belief, Alan's not a proper vegetarian but he is one of those rubbish halfway ones. You know the type, the kind that glare at your chicken nuggets before mercilessly consuming poor, helpless fish with heartless abandon? Pure evil. He's also shown a taste for human flesh, biting a bloke's ear in a tussle in 2007.

When not impersonating Mike Tyson or being Stephen Fry's whipping boy, Alan is also a bit of a journalist and even wrote a broadsheet football column for a couple of years. He supports Arsenal as well, but only got into them to be different from his brother, who's a Spurs fan. Clever. And seeing as we're dealing with a QI star, here's some more useless trivia: the best man at his wedding was Bill Bailey, he's a passionate animal rights campaigner, and he's not altogether terrible at scuba diving. How's that for information that won't benefit anyone in the slightest?

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