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A lot of people think the Top Gear presenters have the best job in the world. But Sarah Solemani became famous by lying about in bed, farting occasionally. In a sitcom, yes, but that's still pretty impressive as work goes.


Slobs. What is it about them we love so much? They represent some of our most beloved TV icons. Rab C Nesbitt. Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances. Kathy Burke in Gimme Gimme Gimme. Jim Royle. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. There's something inherently admirable about a really good slob – someone who brandishes their slobbery with pride. Perhaps because they're doing what we'd all do, if we weren't compelled by social etiquette to be the fine, upstanding, productive citizens we definitely are. Slobs represent the perfect, platonic ideal of selfhood and freedom. The freedom to do what we really want to do, which is to not ever, ever get out of bed except for beer, crisps and some kind of controller to make things die in a video game.

All of which is a really roundabout way of praising Sarah Solemani. Because, along with Him & Her co-star Russell Tovey, she has done sterling work to promote slobitude in this country. Unlike previous champions of the lifestyle, her character in Him & Her isn't a grotesque beast-person. She's a normal young woman who just happens to be a flabbergastingly committed layabout. She eats fast food in bed, shags her boyfriend, picks her teeth, and exhales inner wind from her bottom. This is the genius of the show. It's like The Royle Family condensed right down to two people in a flat. And it's no wonder it's made Sarah Solemani a star.

But who is this person? Who is this Sarah Solemani? Most people still don't really know, despite the rising hype. Well, her parents are Iranian. That's one fact. Another is that she could probably grow a beard if she really wanted to (her words, not ours). Another is that she went to Cambridge University and studied Social Sciences. Of course, this being Cambridge, and Sarah being someone with a hankering for performance, she ended up joining the fabled comedy cabal that is Cambridge Footlights. It was a juicily fruitful Footlights generation, actually, because her fellow wannabes included future Inbetweeners Simon Bird and Joe Thomas. It's pretty obvious by now that Sarah had a far more interesting early adulthood than you did, but it gets even more disgustingly cool from here on, because she ended up being a playwright for the Royal Court Theatre, and the Young Vic Theatre, and the Soho Theatre.

And there were performances in the West End, too. It's OK, though, we shouldn't thrash about jealously because she probably had to pay her dues playing characters called things like Coughing Woman in Bed and Drug Addict #2 on shows like Casualty and Midsomer Murders, right? Nope. Well, she did portray a certain Alien #1 in comedy sci-fi series Hyperdrive, and she was in Silent Witness once, but other than that it's mainly been pretty cool roles in pretty cool shows like Psychoville and Skins. In 2013 alone she wound up in the achingly good James Corden series The Wrong Mans, and wrote and starred in a TV play about sex, dating and premature ejaculation. Oh, and Crackanory, of course. Bringing the gentle art of storytelling to the cynical masses. That's one thing worth getting out of bed for.

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