Crackanory Series 1 episode guide

Imagine if Jackanory was set free from its childish shackles. What beautifully funny tales about life in the twenty first century would it unleash upon the world? Surely the best bedtime stories for the big kids in all of us… so make yourself comfortable and prepare to laugh and be entranced by a dose of Crackanory.

Crackanory chair

Featuring a star-studded array of storytellers like Harry Enfield, Sally Phillips, Richard Hammond, Sarah Solemani, Rebecca Front, Kevin Eldon, Hugh Dennis, Jessica Hynes, Sharon Horgan, Jack Dee, Stephen Mangan and Charlie Higson, this brand new and exclusive Dave original taps into a bygone age of television storytelling. But this time, instead of the cosiness of the original it took inspiration from, Crackanory is packed full of darkly funny yarns that are firmly set in the cut and thrust of 21st century life.

Each episode features two 15-minute tales narrated by some of the best names in comedy and featuring some special guests, while these unique stories are brought to life with a mix of live action and animation.


Jack Dee reads 'Bitter Tweet' by Nico Tatarowicz

Sally Phillips reads 'What Peebee Did Next' by Toby Davies

Darren becomes the most hated man in the world within fifteen minutes of tweeting a rude message to a pop superstar. And when a much-loved toymaker suddenly dies, his family is shocked when he is stuffed and returned – shouting pre-recorded messages at them twenty-four hours a day.


Rebecca Front reads 'Fakespeare' by Toby Davies

Kevin Eldon reads 'What do you say?' by Kevin Eldon

An author of erotic thrillers discovers an unknown Shakespeare but accidentally destroys the manuscript – so has to rewrite the play from scratch. And when an ungrateful man refuses to thank a helpful stranger, the strange man haunts him by persistently asking “What do you say?”


Harry Enfield reads 'The Teacup Has Landed' by Nico Tatarowicz

Sarah Solemani reads 'Pleasure Drone' by Ali Crockatt & David Scott

An office worker discovers he makes the best cup of tea in the world, threatening to undermine a coffee multinational’s stranglehold on the hot drink industry. And a downtrodden librarian unexpectedly gains access to a top secret CIA site, and finds herself in control of a military drone.


Sharon Horgan reads 'The Translator' by Laurence Rickard

Charlie Higson reads 'Road To Hell' by Jeremy Dyson

When a hungover Sabine accidentally mistranslates an exchange at a diplomatic summit, she realises she can influence world politics by being creative with her interpreting. And a woman is stranded in a layby after breaking down on Walpurgis night – a night of evil spirits and demonic forces.


Richard Hammond reads 'Becoming Zoe' by Simon Judd & Alex Carter

Jessica Hynes reads 'My Former Self' by Holly Walsh

An unremarkable postman turns himself into the perfect boyfriend for a girl he has fallen in love with by reading her mail and absorbing all her interests. And a woman is visited by her eight year old self but lies about her life so she doesn’t repeat the same mistakes.


Hugh Dennis reads 'Head In The Clouds' by Jason Cook

Stephen Mangan reads 'The Newsreader' by Jane Bussman & Naisola Grimwood

A carer in a retirement home is also a crime-fighting superhero – but his elderly residents feel neglected and threaten to reveal his identity. And a newsreader has the opportunity to change history when he interviews a dictator who falls asleep with a gun poking out of his pocket.

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