A Cracked Mirror

Carpool interview: A Cracked Mirror

Robert tries hard to show off his equipment with the aid of Donal’s battered mirror.

No Research

Carpool interview: No Research

Robert explains the inherent beauty behind his easygoing approach to research.

Carpool interview: Odd Destinations

Odd Destinations

Robert discusses the most interesting places his guests have asked to be dropped off.

A Relaxing Hum

Carpool interview: A Relaxing Hum

The usefulness of background noise and the lovely sound of rubber on rich macadam.

Teething Problems

Carpool interview: Teething Problems

Robert on shoehorning the massive frame of Jonathan Ross into a tiny battery powered car.

Carpool interview: Waffling On

Carpool interview: Waffling On

Robert on the beauty of avoiding confrontational men and the art of structured waffle.

Robert Llewellyn busts some Hybrid myths

Robert Llewellyn busts some Hybrid myths

Robert Llewellyn takes the wheel of the Toyota Prius to explode a few misconceptions.

Robert's Mobile Studio

Carpool interview: Robert's Mobile Studio

Robert Llewellyn talks about taking the chat show to his sillily busy guests.

How it all began

Carpool interview: How it all began

Donal Coonan takes Robert for a spin and Robert reveals the inspiration lock, stock.

Inappropriate Material

Carpool interview: Inappropriate Material

Robert Llewellyn talks about guests forgetting where they are and who brought bodyguard.