Four in five (81%) of British adults are feeling socially apprehensive as lockdown comes to an end according to a new study commissioned by Dave and our friends at CALM.

As restrictions ease and we head back into ‘normality’ it’s understandable that most of us aren’t feeling entirely comfortable with returning to social situations. 44% of us are worried about greeting etiquette (not everyone can get away with a fist bump) and 32% of us are concerned about being in parties of more than 6 people. If you’d like to see the rest of the study, please see the link below.

To help ease some of the awkwardness, we’ve created some videos to help us all featuring Suzi Ruffell, Ahir Shah, Darren Harriott, Seann Walsh and Ania Magliano.

You can also try our Instagram Filter which can be used to save any conversation that may be going south! If you would like some more serious advice, or need some more help, see our resources below:

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