About Brojects

Take two brothers – or ‘bros’ – and set them on a series of offbeat DIY projects and you’ve just boiled down the essence of this show and, in fact, the title.


For most of us, home improvement probably stretches to finally fixing that wonky shelf, yes I know I said I'd do it last year but it's definitely, definitely on my schedule for this year I promise... but not for these guys.

The bros in question are Kevin and Andrew - actual brothers in real life, this isn't fake TV stuff, this is real! - and their imagination runs riot as they turn their rustic cottage into the ultimate escape destination.

There are a lot of DIY shows admittedly, so why should you watch this one? Well, because you didn't realise your home needed a courtyard fire pit, a Scottish golf den, a hangover hut, a secret wine cave, a chair-ski, a she-shed, a floating hot tub, a portable balcony or a dining pool table.

But now we've just mentioned them, you realise that you desperately need all those things. And need them NOW.

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