6 reasons why there’s boxing on Dave

Wondering why a channel known for its comedy is showing boxing even though you clearly LOVE IT don't you? Well, there's a highly scientific rational behind Dave's move into live sport.

Boxing: David Haye v Arnold Gjergjaj

1) Dave is known for its 'punchy humour' - we're just temporarily dropping the 'humour' on Sat 21st May.

2) Also, comedy often has 'punchlines' and David Haye has a good 'line' in 'punches'.

3) David Haye's first name is, effectively, Dave.

4) We show a lot of 'Hit' TV Shows and you can't argue that live boxing is literally that.

5) 'Bantamweight' is one of the weight classes in boxing. 'Bantam' sounds a bit like 'banter'. Umm.

6) We really regret starting this list. BOXING! BOXING! BOXING!

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