Steak and Cheese Stacker

Take your meal to the next level with Big Zuu's Steak and Cheese Stacker from Big Eats!

Steak and Cheese Stacker

Makes 1


2 tsp fresh horseradish, finely grated ½ tsp Dijon mustard 50ml double cream 2 sirloin steaks 8 slices monteray jack cheese Turkish slipper bread


To make the horseradish sauce mix together the fresh horseradish, mustard and cream in a small bowl. Once thick, set aside.

Heat a large flat griddle to a high heat. Cut the roll in half then cut side down, toast each side of the bun. Set aside.

Cut thin slices from the steaks then using a rolling pin bash them out as thin as possible without causing them to fall apart. You want about 10. Heat a large flat griddle to a high heat and add the slices. After 30 seconds turn them over and cook until there are no more juices coming from the meat. Place the cheese slices on top of each piece of steak and leave to melt for a further 30 seconds.

To assemble, spread a tbsp of horseradish cream on the base of the bun, then start stacking the sirloin slices one by one. Spread another tbsp horseradish cream on the underside of the bun top, then secure in place with a burger stick.

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