Banoffee Pie

You always need dessert, so do it in style with Big Zuu's Banoffee Pie

Big Zuu's Banoffee Pie

Serves 6


262g pack chocolate hobnobs or digestives 60g butter 397g tin carnation caramel ½ tsp salt 2 lion bars, chopped 2 bananas 300g double cream 50g dark chocolate 20cm tart tin, base lined.


Crush biscuits, add melted butter and line base and sides of tart tin with the mix then chill. Pour the caramel into the biscuit case then sprinkle with the salt and the chopped lion bars. Slice the bananas and arrange on top. Whip the cream to soft peaks and spread over the bananas in cloud-like pillows. Chill for a couple of hours then top with shaved chocolate just before serving.

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