Live Darts: Key World Trophy matches to catch 

Obviously you’re planning to watch every single second of the 10 hour dart-a-thon each day over the Bank Holiday weekend – but, just in case an ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY comes up– here are the key matches to look out for.

Live Darts: BDO World Trophy 2016

Please note - timings are approximate because, of course, they would be, wouldn't they? It's live.


Glen Durrant (world #1) v Andy 'The Viking' Fordham (12.15)

Scott Waites (current world champion) v Krzysztof Ratajski (19.00)

Martin Phillips v Ted 'The Count' Hankey (20.00)

Lisa Ashton (world #1) v Casey Gallagher (20.30)

Scott Mitchell v Ross Montgomery (England captain v Scotland captain) (21.00)

Martin 'Wolfie' Adams v Madars Razma (21.30)


Geert DeVos (2015 World Trophy champion) v Roger Janssen (12.15)

Trina Gulliver MBE (10 time World Champion) v Paul Jacklin (13.15)

As we can't predict the future (yet) there's no telling what lies beyond this point, but you can be sure of one thing and that is the action will get thick and fast as the tournament progresses. How thick? How fast? As thick as the thickness of a regulation size dartboard (not sure of the measurements) and as fast as a dart in full flight as thrown by a top dart player (?? must Google that later as well).

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