Top 10 Shooting Stars moments

Welcome to Shooting Stars. Welcome, whoever you are. The stars have been greeted, successfully seated and one's singing a moving version of Mr Boombastic...

Vic and Bob and co.

10. Lisa Stansfield's celery legs8

Were it not for Shooting Stars, Lisa Stansfield may have passed into the nether regions of pop cultural memory taking her slim back catalogue of Manchester-based pop with her. Thanks to her appearance on the show she'll always have a place in comedy's sweaty pantheon, with the memory of her feeding Vic's lovely dog John dips on a celery stick balanced between her musical legs.

9. Kes – the deleted scenes...

What could be more northern than putting a bird of prey in a bin? Well, as Vic and Bob proved, seeing one hovering majestically in the air while its owner, Casper (Bob) feeds it bits of tandoori chicken. That bird was covered in plumage. When it flew, it was almost like poetry. Sadly for Casper, and his majestic kestrel, greedy Vic's character took control of the tandoori chicken.

8. Brookside, the dark side

There was something a little bit unusual about Jimmy Corkhill and Mick Johnson's 'guest appearance' on Shooting Stars, but all became clear when we learned what the mucky scamps were putting on their Hawaiian pizzas. Cheese, tomato, ham and pineapple – naturally, but according to Jimmy the secret ingredient is heroin. Can't believe he didn't get that job...

7. Caravan 'documentary'

One of Matt Lucas' finest hours this, playing a keen caravan-seeking customer who's treated with nothing less than full-on flamin' contempt by Bob as the chortling caravan seller. The poor chap gets laughed at because of a slight, barely noticeable, facial tic. Or should that be facial wobble. Seeing Matt and Bob descend into uncontrollable giggles is what makes this one so special.

6. Vic gets his groove on

It's not every day you get the chance to bust a move with a Pussycat Doll, and Vic wasted no time rising to the task when he got up close with Kimberly Wyatt. She might have been surprised by his dancing feet, but she was even more surprised when his kecks came off revealing his moneymaker (and the rest). You can't choreograph that sort of surprise...

5. Soft Alan

The lovely Clare Grogan faced a terrifying barrage of fruit armed only with a protective shield and lemon squeezer with the enormous sum of £11 at stake. Having survived gooseberry, the star fruit, a pineapple and even ducking a watermelon she was faced with the biggest of all the fruits: Soft Alan (David Walliams camping it up delightfully). He'd been admiring Vic's plums, apparently.

4. James May: Supertramp

Captain Slow was probably thrilled when he saw that his challenge involved an airbed, and with a lovely rope available as a prize it seemed things were really going his way. Sadly the forfeit was some face time, literally, with a tramp called Cecil and his long grey beard. There was no disguising the look of horror on May's face at the end – suddenly being dissed by Jezza doesn't seem so bad...

3. Larry Hagman

Dallas legend and all-round 80s baddie Larry Hagman may have seemed like an odd booking, but it's nothing compared to the oddness he found awaiting him. Seeing his poor baffled face when Vic asked if inside every cat there's a rabbit trying to get out more than made up for any wrong-doings JR might have done back in the day. We're guessing he changed agents soon after.

2. Peanuts

Sometimes the simplest things can be the funniest. Matt Lucas, looking uncannily like Andy Pipkin from Little Britain (funny that) sang a moving and heartfelt song entitled Peanuts, whose lyrics were nothing if not memorable. They were the word 'peanuts', said repeatedly. He tried to keep it together, but Vic and Bob's sniggering put paid to any attempts at a poker face. Priceless.

1. Mark Boombastic

This all-singing, all-dancing intro to a Christmas Special featured Vic and Bob dancing on the ceiling (or on the Sealink at least), Ulrika coming over all classy on the stairs and all bonkers in the snow and most amazingly of all, a floating Mark Lamarr singing Mr Boombastic with the kind of sexual abandon usually reserved for Italian presidents. Magical, thunderingly erotic television.

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