Travis Tanner

Having been defeated by Harvey in season one, he's back with a bag of chips on his shoulder.

Travis Tanner

In the words of probably Oscar Wilde, a man can be measured by the quality of his enemies. In which case Harvey ain't all that, because his enemy, Travis Tanner, is a low down rat of a man in dire need of being punched in the face. To be fair, he's a formidable lawyer, but he was most accurately summed up by Donna as "that tennis-playing douchebag". Having been defeated by Harvey in season one, he's now back with a whole, steaming, vinegary bag of chips on his shoulder. (Not literally – that would really spoil the whole suave lawyer look.)

Played by: Eric Close

Eric got his first big break in Santa Barbara, which you'll remember – if at all – as a glossy US soap on in the background if you were off sick from school in the late 80s. Various other shows followed, including the not-very-good TV version of The Magnificent Seven, before he hit his stride as FBI agent Martin Fitzgerald in Without a Trace. He's now landed a big part in Nashville, a new musical drama series which is hotter than a camel's overcoat. But personally we'd rather see him be dastardly in Suits, as he does it so well.

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