Sheila Sazs

Sheila is probably the only woman not to mind being called a "female Louis".

Sheila Sazs

To be called a "female Louis" is probably not what… hmm… ANY woman would ever want. Except for this one. You see, just as Luke saw the good in Vader, so too does Sheila see the non-dork in Louis. Brought in from the hallowed corridors of Harvard Law to assess the general efficiency and quality of life at Pearson Hardman, Sheila bonds with Louis and actually backs up his belief that he's one of the hardest-working people there. Let's just hope it doesn't go to his head – the offices have barely enough room to house Harvey's ego as it is.

Played by: Rachael Harris

Rachael Harris owes her acting career to iconic shark-botherer Roy Scheider. The Jaws star was in his TV show seaQuest DSV at the time – you know, the one that was basically Star Trek with plankton. Being a pal, he got her on board as an extra and made sure she got to say a single line – which meant she could get the US version of an actor's Equity card. Since then she's been in everything from Curb Your Enthusiasm to The Hangover. Plus she manages to steal every scene in her episode of Suits – and with a cast this good, that's saying something.

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