Keith Hoyt

Keith is no slouch when it comes to drinking and partying - he's also a gambler.

Keith Hoyt

Keith Hoyt bears a passing resemblance to the legendarily decadent Peter O'Toole, which is rather fitting as Keith himself is no slouch when it comes to drinking, partying and reclining in his seat like some kind of late Victorian dandy. He's also a terrible gambler – that's terrible in the truest sense of the word, because he manages to give away his entire company in a card game. Luckily, one of Keith's old buddies is none other than Harvey Specter. Unluckily, Harvey's plan is to get the company back… in another card game.

Played by: Peter Outerbridge

Canadian actor Peter Outerbridge was in Cool Runnings, that film about that Jamaican bobsleigh team. A work of comic genius, all will agree, but loomer larger on his CV are ReGenesis (some sci-fi thing) and Murdoch Mysteries (he played him before Yannick Bisson took over). Outerbridge was also in Saw VI, and in preparation "watched them all back to back in one day. It was like a wave of agony and blood and wincing. I felt over the moon to be part of that dark magic." To which the only feasible response is to back away slowly…

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