Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter is the suave, cocky senior guy at the law firm that picks Mike Ross up.


He sounds like some kind of Marvel supervillain, but Harvey Specter is actually a suave, cocky senior guy at the law firm that picks Mike Ross up. In fact, it's Harvey who discovers Mike and decides to take a chance on the young prodigy, which means he has to cover up the fact that Mike isn't actually a Harvard Law graduate. Despite being a thrusting career-obsessive with more than a passing similarity to Patrick Bateman (minus the axe), Harvey has a good heart, which Mike's helped him tap into. Saying that, Harvey has to be tough to stay on top in the cutthroat second season.

Played by: Gabriel Macht

Gabriel was just a little nipper when he had his debut role in Why Would I Lie?, a 1980 comedy film chiefly noted today for its vaguely disturbing poster (Google it). Cut to 2008, and Gabriel was all set for proper stardom when he was cast as the eponymous, supernatural hero in The Spirit. Sadly, despite being directed by comic god and Sin City maestro Frank Miller, the film was a flop. To be fair, The Spirit – a cult character – was never going to easily "transition" to the big screen. And now Gabriel's getting to play a peach of a role in the form of dashing lawyer Harvey Specter.

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