Donna Paulsen

Donna Paulsen is the wryly smiling, all-knowing queen bee of the office.

Donna Paulsen

You know Joan in Mad Men? The wryly smiling, all-knowing queen bee of the office? Donna Paulsen is sort of in her ballpark. She's Harvey's assistant, helping him in his various cunning schemes. She's also got the lowdown on everyone else in the office, and can use her intimate knowledge of the staff's personal secrets to keep them wrapped around her finger. But in season two, it's Donna herself who might fall foul of hidden secrets, when a shady memo threatens to destroy both her career and Harvey's. That sound you hear is Louis cackling in the background.

Played by: Sarah Rafferty

Remember the great, GREAT monster movie Tremors? You know the one, with the long man-eating creatures and Kevin Bacon. Well, we bet you didn't know that, as well as having progressively more awful sequels, it also had a TV spin-off series. And in that series was Sarah Rafferty. She was also in the US version of our Footballers' Wives, which over there was called Football Wives. Which makes it sound like some kind of puppet-based sitcom about actual talking balls. It didn't last beyond the pilot, but Suits has fared rather better – season two is being hailed as even better than the first run. Sustained!

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