Daniel Hardman

Hard by name, hard by nature – the return of the firm's co-founder is far from welcomed.

Daniel Hardman

Hard by name, hard by nature – the return of Pearson Hardman's co-founder has all the casual good cheer of the Emperor flying in to inspect the Death Star. The question is, why exactly did Daniel leave in the first place? And just how long will it be before he drops the polite façade and tries to topple Jessica from her position of power? No SPOILER ALERT warnings are necessary – it's obvious that Hardman's out for the top job, but whether Harvey and Jessica can stop him is another matter…

Played by: David Costabile

OK, fans of The Wire can simmer down. We know how excited you lot get about anything remotely Wire-related, and yes – this IS the guy who played newspaper editor Klebanow. David Costabile has also starred in that other show regularly called the best thing since bacon sarnies: Breaking Bad. Plus, he's flexed his comedy muscles in the likes of Flight of the Conchords and The Office US, but it's fair to say he won't be providing the chuckles in Suits. He'll leave that to Louis while he busies himself with taking over the company he built. We never thought we'd say it, but it'll suck to be Harvey pretty soon.

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