Gina Torres Interview

The acclaimed actress behind no-nonsense Jessica Pearson gives us her two pennies worth.

Gina Torres

We didn't see much of Jessica's personal life in season one beyond meeting her ex-husband. Would you like to explore that more?

"I have to say, the people are demanding it! It's been very interesting and it's fun for me as well to know that people are interested in who this woman is and they want more of her - they want to know what makes her tick, they want to know what might really set her off... and we get to see some of that this season. As far as a love interest... there might be something in the air... or maybe not!"

The flashback episode 'Rewind' - was it fun getting to see what Jessica was like five years ago?

"It was great. Five years isn't that much of a flashback - no-one's wearing bell-bottoms or afro wigs! But it's just enough and you see that moment in time where everything shifted - where just as a human being, you reach a crossroads. You see that moment in everybody's life."

Some Suits fans want Jessica to get together with Harvey - do you think that could ever work?

"It all depends on how it's handled. I think that's the case with anything - it might sound like a good idea, but there's historical reference to where sometimes that good idea goes horribly wrong! Right now, I would say that our relationship is best as a platonic one, as partners-in-crime, if you will.

"It's a very chewy, deep, dense season - there's so much at hand and so much to be dealt with, so you'll see loyalties strained and questioned... I have to say, I'm very proud of this season having come through the end of it, and I think people will be very pleased."

Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) returns to the firm this season - how does that shake things up for the characters?

"To the core! It shakes things to the core. The very existence of Pearson Hardman is at risk. We learn more about Daniel Hardman and why he has not been around. Also, look out for a flashback episode that is a little bit of an origin piece for us where we get to see who the characters were five years ago...

"But yes, Daniel becomes quite a force - a very mysterious one. You never quite know... is he for real or not? Can he be trusted? Has he changed? So I leave it to the audience."

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