Peter Mannion

Peter Mannion is the Opposition MP gunning for Nicola Murray's position. Well, "gunning" is too strong a word: sort of flapping lazily in her direction would be more accurate.

Peter Mannion

Having been around in the 80s and experienced the glory days of his party being in government, Peter now has the air of a man who just wants to be left alone with some port. Instead he's bullied into being "modern" by his spin doctor Stewart Pearson, and has to deal with terrifying new things like blogs, shirts without ties, and gays. Actually he rather likes gays, as some of them are very well turned out. "Especially the men."

Played by Roger Allam

Everyone loves Roger Allam, and not just because he is the absolute spit of the late journalist, whisky drinker and raconteur Christopher Hitchens (someone make a biopic already). Roger's pretty much played every kind of role over the decades, but in terms of sheer show-offy impressiveness it'll be hard to beat the fact he played Inspector Javert in the ORIGINAL London production of Les Miserables. Which means Roger Allam can sing. Forget the Hitchens biopic, we demand an album of old-time ballads called Roger Allam Sings. Thank you.

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