Olly Reeder

Cocky and ambitious, Olly likes to see himself as a young policy wizard, which is appropriate because he does very much resemble a rack-stretched Harry Potter.

Olly Reeder

Staying on that theme, Malcolm refers to him as Morph, Andy Pandy, Noddy, and an "unbaked gingerbread man". To be fair, Olly totally deserves the abuse because despite the endearingly befuddled man-boy exterior he's actually as amoral and opportunistic and back-stabby as everyone else. A fact you should keep in mind if you feel a twinge of sympathy whenever Jamie threatens to shove an iPod inside his penis.

Played by Chris Addison

It's ironic that Olly is often mocked by Malcolm for being, and we quote, an "Oxbridge twat", because unlike so many of his comedy peers, Chris Addison didn't actually spend his uni years lounging on some punt, or titting about in Footlights. He went to Birmingham, where he originally aspired to being a serious theatre director before the comedy bug inserted its bracing venom into his veins. He got his big break at the Edinburgh Fringe, had a weird and unlikely stint as a newspaper finance columnist, and has apparently developed some kind of magic moisturiser (seriously, how is this man in his 40s?).

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