Nicola Murray

Being made the Secretary of State for Social Affairs is like being handed a poisoned chalice. With a piranha in it.

Nicola Murray

With a very small dirty bomb inside the piranha. Nicole learns this quickly, but it doesn't help she's slightly less competent than a legless stool, and has a completely perverse relationship with Malcolm Tucker. Not in a whips-and-chains sort of way (that's probably more Jamie's style). It's just that her hapless hysteria seems to bring out his sadistic side even more. That's right: Nicola Murray makes Malcolm MORE Malcolm-ish. Which is like making a shark bitier, or fire burnier. An achievement to be proud of.

Played by Rebecca Front

Rebecca Front was once a bit like the female Kevin Eldon – ie, in everything, but you didn't know her name. There she was in Reeves and Mortimer, and The Day Today, and Ab Fab, and Alan Partridge, and Nighty Night, and Fist of Fun, and Big Train. Cut to now, and she's a national-treasure-in-waiting, with star turns in everything from Grandma's House to Lewis. But it's for Nicola Murray we'll always salute her – especially as she drew on her own history of panic attacks and claustrophobia to create the character. Oh yes, and her dad designed the Rubber Soul logo for the Beatles. Fact.

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