Glenn Cullen

So old school, Plato would nick his school lunches (hat tip to Mr Oliver Reeder for that one), Glenn is an old workhorse of a policy adviser.

Glenn Cullen

Just as you can tell the age of a tree by counting its rings, you can get the full measure of Glenn's experience from the dangliness of his jowls and look of ancient exasperation in his eyes. It's tempting to assume all the years in Westminster have drained the life and passion from him, but that wouldn't be true: just think of his fumbly, red-faced lust for office colleague Robyn. Or actually, don't think about that.

Played by James Smith

He's so, so good in the role of poor, long-suffering Eeyore-like Glenn, that you may well wonder why you never saw James Smith before The Thick Of It. Well, that's the thing: you very probably did. He's actually been a character actor since the 1970s, and has starred in everything from Lovejoy to Morse to The Bill to Silent Witness. More recently, you may have glimpsed him in The Iron Lady alongside Meryl Streep, although his best big screen performance came in the cinema version of The Thick Of It, In the Loop. Of course.

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