Emma Messinger

Despite being in the Opposition, Emma is Olly's "girlfriend". We put that in quote marks because it's a relationship primarily based on political convenience (they're in opposing parties and leak information to each other) and large amounts of mutual contempt.

Emma Messinger

A "vacuous nothing" is Olly's considered assessment of his beloved Emma, but her boss Peter Mannion seems to tolerate her. More or less. Some of the time. Her colleague Phil doesn't, though. In fact, he's the one person who hates her more than her own boyfriend.

Played by Olivia Poulet

What do Carol Thatcher and Camilla Parker-Bowles have in common? Don't worry, lawyers, we're not about to explode some libel-worthy scandal. They just both happen to have been portrayed on screen by Olivia Poulet. Pitch-perfect as posh politico Emma Messinger, Olivia's also starred in stuff like Sherlock and Outnumbered, having got into acting after studying drama at Manchester University. Which is where she met this guy she was in a relationship with for over a decade. Some guy called Benedict Cumberbatch, who's apparently some kind of thing right now.

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