Dave's Breakfast Club

Is it a nutritious start to the day? Absolutely not. Is it exactly what you need first thing on Saturday? Absolutely yes. Saturdays from 10am.

Rest your tired little brain, curl up on the sofa and watch crazy people do stupid things with Dave's Breakfast Club. Like big dollops of American-style comfort food we're serving up shows like Lizard Lick Towing, Man v. Food and Megatruckers to ease you into the weekend. It's the televisual equivalent of a snooze alarm, Saturdays from 10am.

Dave's Breakfast Club

Send us your Birthdaves

And, because Dave's Breakfast Club is actually a club, there's some optional activities.

We want you to send us your "Birthdaves" and drawings of your favourite Dave shows. So if you have a cat, dad, relative or postman you’d like to say Happy Birthday to, or a crude etching of your favourite Top Gear presenter please contact us via our Facebook page or on Twitter and they might well get read/shown on air.

So don't just stand on the sidelines - join in the fun! JOIN IN.

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