Ideas No One Needs - brought to you by Dave. Katy Wix, Phil Wang, Nick Helm, Elis James, John Kearns, Adam Riches, Emma Sidi and James Acaster perform a Dave TALK, spoofing the popular online lecture format.


Unlocking The Power Of Emojis | Will Phang

“Emojis” are a revolutionary new way of using symbols to communicate language. Will Phang, professor of touchscreen linguistics at Didcot Parkway University, explains what these emojis are, the humble beginnings of the innovative communication tool and how they are changing the landscape of human expression to an unprecedented level of detail. This Dave TALK is written and performed by Phil Wang.

Successfully Growing Your Own Business | Tony Deveraux

After becoming the first person in Tredegar to own an email address, Tony Deveraux went from strength to strength. Now the sort of man who buys his shirts from Next, forward-thinking Tony shares his secrets of his professional success and discusses not only his ACORN technique to improve your life, but also the WALES method which could change it. This Dave TALK is written and performed by Elis James.

Things To Fill The Time | Nick Helm

In this day and age we are more connected than ever before as a human race. We are at the point where anyone can get in contact with anyone else, anywhere any time. Nick Helm, however, argues that having this technology at our fingertips can actually have the reverse affect and leave a person feeling more isolated and lonely. Especially when your girlfriend won’t reply to your texts. This Dave TALK was written and performed by Nick Helm.

How To Turn Around In A Circle | Summer Girlfriend

Summer Girlfriend shows a Dave TALKS audience how to turn around, all the way around, in a little circle in just nine simple steps. Obviously, turning around, all the way around in a little circle isn’t as easy as it sounds, and there are many questions asked along the way. Summer, with her easy-going and helpful advice can make the journey safer and more fun for everyone. This Dave Talk is written and performed by Katy Wix.

Money, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing | John Kearns

John Kearns plays devil’s avocado and asks “what you would do if you won £30million on the National Lottery?” Using a random member of the Dave TALKS audience, John questions the currently recognized norms and accepted wisdoms of what is right to do in this exceptional circumstance. Written and performed by John Kearns.

People Are Not A Fruit | James Acaster

James Acaster talks perception. Exposing the common misconception that the tomato is in fact a fruit, not a vegetable, James shows that people’s attitudes towards fruit and vegetables (and other things that are indefinable) are simply a matter of perception. There’s a metaphor about people in there somewhere too. This Dave TALK is written and performed by James Acaster.

Dance Your Destiny | Dr Beatriz Carranza

"Dance Your Destiny – How Dancing Every Day Can Change Your Life and Mine". Dr. Beatriz Carranza, specialist researcher of fluid studies and kinetic horseplay at the University of Uzcatil, discuses the philosophical, emotional and physical realities of contemporary interpretive dance and how maybe, just maybe, Kylie Minogue, Danni Minogue, or one of the Minogue sisters, can set you on the path for a new life and a new destiny. This Dave TALK is written and performed by Emma Sidi.

Shark Whispering | Rex Monolith

Sharks: a mysterious and deadly wonder and the sole reason that Rex Monolith is just a head on a plinth. Rex, the brave and respected shark whisperer who has dedicated his life (and all of his limbs) to his passionate study of sharks, talks about his work and some of the sacrifices he has had to make along the way. This Dave Talk was written and performed by Adam Riches.

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