Adding a bit of Dave to World Book Day

The classics we just can’t get through re-imagined by some brilliant comedy writers


To celebrate World Book Day we asked the public which classics they just couldn't make it through without dozing off, and asked some of our favourite comedy writers to help make them a bit more, well, fun!

The writers include Mollie Goodfellow, Ivo Graham, Flo Perry, Nikesh Shukla and Steven Vinacour, who took on the challenges of Moby Dick, Animal Farm, Hamlet, Wuthering Heights, The Great Gatsby and Bleak House.

In a reading for the ages, Rachel Parris reads some of the excerpts from these reworked classics.

But do our reworks work for you? Scroll down to find all the new versions of the old classics to download for yourself! And happy World Book Day!

Rachel Parris reads from Dave’s reworked literary classics

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