About Three Men in More Than One Boat

A less literary-inspired one than the boys' first outing - instead of tracing the watery steps of a dead author they've decamped to the home of pasties, clotted cream and, most importantly, Rory McGrath: Cornwall.

Three Men in More Than One

This trip is a less literary-inspired one than the boys' first outing, and instead of tracing the watery steps of a dead author they've decamped to the home of pasties, clotted cream and, most importantly, Rory McGrath: Cornwall. Their plan is fast and loose, but the mission is to schlep to the Isles Of Scilly to do a spot of birdwatching, or to be more specific - to witness the mass migration of feathery friends fleeing Blighty quicker than U2 before tax self-assessment day. All while keeping Griff calm and manoeuvring the larger than fun-size funnyman Dara into a series of teeny vessels.

What could go wrong? Well, everything luckily – not least when Rory's appointed team leader, despite knowing as much about boat procurement as a Premiership footballer does about Stephen Hawking. Luckily, there's a lot more comedy value in watching these short-tempered wits battling the elements and trying to survive in Rory's death-trap than there would be if they decided just to get a ferry. Despite life-imperilling ships, crashes, and the rising mercury of Griff's rage it looks like they might just about keep moving – hell they even get to try their hand at life aboard a rather glamorous racing yacht.

Taking in amateur dramatics, Olympic athletes, mining and even a trip down memory lane for Mr McGrath, this is a belly-laugh inducing journey with enough banter to shiver even the most morose of timbers. Surely nothing can get in the way of these three scimitar-minded comedy genii when they put their minds together and their sails in the right direction? Well, nothing except, say, a force eight gale.

Sailing at times to music from the Harry Potter films (well, why the devil not?) these three bumble along like the lost cousins of Jack Sparrow that missed a few lessons on how to be sea savvy – an amateur production of the the Pirates of Penzance is about as close as they're going to get. Sailors they ain't, but comedians they most certainly are and who better to see the funny side of crashing into a harbour than this troublesome trio? Or, likely to find themselves involved in the repopulation of lobsters. If you haven't seen it – well, it's best not to ask.

The hapless trio at times find it difficult to find a boat big enough to cart them all through the horrendous winds (potentially because Dara isn't happy unless it's equipped to the standard of the Titanic – minus the gaping hole caused by the iceberg of course), but they do eventually get to bob along past the rugged coastline – a path trodden (or should that be sailed) by many a smuggler and show off their bird watching skills – even if this does simply involve standing with their hands in their pockets making “eeek” sounds in the case of Rory...

Griff whinges a fair bit, Dara mocks (whilst looking a little bit like he wants his mammy) and Rory attempts to sound knowledgeable while trying to encourage the others to see the urm, romance of Cornwall. Hmm...no wonder Dara claims that it is going to be like Godfather 3 – the sequel in which it all goes wrong.

Anyway - it's a bit damp, it's October, they're in boats, and they have little, if any, idea of what's going on. It's car crash (or, boat crash to be more exact) TV and quite frankly we love it. Ahoy there, mateys.

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