About Red Bull Cliff Diving

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series follows traditional high diving thrills and spills with raw, gasp-inducing locations that push the definition of 'cliff' as far as it will go. We'll meet a group of daredevil divers that put their lives on the line to feel the rush of jumping of cliffs, buildings and anything with a stretch of water beneath.


Hang onto your Speedos! Red Bull Cliff Diving is back for 2014 with more fearless divers competing at some of the world's most breathtaking locations.

With dives of almost 30 metres - almost three times the height of an Olympic diving board - the competitors travel at speeds of up to 50mph as they twist, turn and hurtle towards the ocean.

Britain's Gary Hunt is defending his title and looking for a fourth win but faces tough competition from the 14 men and women also taking part.

The first stop is Cuba's capital Havana where the divers launch themselves off a 27-metre high platform on the historic Morro Castle.

Other locations featured include Fort Worth in the US, Bilbao in Spain and Yucatan in Mexico.

Splash this ain't!

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