About That Mitchell and Webb Look

After the success of Peep Show, the duo have turned their attention to the sketch show.

Mitchell and Webb

David Mitchell and Robert Webb are one of this country’s leading comedy double acts - purveyors of fine comic acting chops, slayers of all that isn't funny… and well, just a stonking good laugh actually.

After the success of Peep Show, the dynamic duo have turned their comic attention to the good old comedy sketch show. In the greatest tradition of British comedy character series like The Fast Show, Catherine Tate and Little Britain, That Mitchell And Webb Look, directed by David Kerr, is rammed with quirky characters and spot-on pastiches for our viewing delight.

Like a couple of school kids allowed to stay up past their bed times, the duo happily set to work parodying everyone from Nazis (who start to wonder if they might be possibly be the bad guys) through to an incompetent doctor on a busy ward (beware anyone who tries to save your life by extending your "life line" with a biro). Sarcasm drips from every orifice of their bodies (thankfully not literally) as they give a not particularly subtle nod to all of the glasses-wearing hipsters in the know. We're even treated to a distorted view of the behind-the-scenes action of the show through the cleverly knowing and postmodern in-betweeny bits with Mitchell and Webb sitting around bickering about punchlines and sketch set ups. Clearly the Oxbridge education hasn't gone to waste, there.

As with their comedy sketch show predecessors, the show started out on the radio, before getting the nod from the Beeb to extend it to the telly box. Showcasing their very best poncey, goofy and downright weird characters, That Mitchell and Webb Look certainly looks like it'll be sticking around, bucking the trend of many a sketch show before them by reaching an admirable fourth series – albeit with a pointed sketch about critics thinking they've had a few misses along the way (note to self, never anger a comedian). But, with an onslaught of up to date references and comic put downs of the espresso drinking upper middle class, it's easy to see why this show has such wide spread appeal.

From Mitchell berating Webb's take on an obsessive Liverpool FC fan who continuously references the team as "we" whilst living over two hundred miles away from their local ground, to Mitchell's attempts to interview for a job whilst being abused by Webb, the show keeps viewers happily chuckling along (well, when we say chuckle, we do of course mean guffawing and snorting until your neighbour comes around to tell you to be quiet). And with a fair few of the characters going the distance across the different series, it's easy to get swept away with their instantly recognisable set pieces. That's a footballing term as well, in case David's reading.

With the sketch show format the guys aren't exactly re-inventing the wheel, but they are certainly doing their upmost to give the format a good old shake. The show has a friendly dig at game show panels, which both Mitchell and Webb are both well known for being regular guests on, and even stars Webb's real life wife and daughter. It's a right family affair!

For a hefty dose of belly laughs and a good old bit of finger pointing at the various inhabitants of British society, tune in to see Mitchell and Webb in all of their tweed cap, Liverpool FC kit-wearing glory. Just don't ask us to explain the rules of Numberwang.

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