David Haye

Did you know boxer David Haye used to be a pretty-boy model for Versace and Abercrombie & Fitch? Why, you'd almost be tempted to take the mickey, if it wasn't for the fact he could literally put your nose through the back of your face.

David Haye Profile

David Haye once beat up King Arthur. Sadly not the monarch of legend, which would have been quite amusing to watch in a Monty Python-ish way, but ex-champion boxer King Arthur Williams. It was one of the formative fights of Haye's career, setting him on course to become one of the best-known bruisers in Britain.

Of course, apart from being very, very good at punching things, the other thing David had in his favour is being called Haye. Which allowed newspapers to dub him The Hayemaker. That surely would have been enough to keep the sponsorship deals coming in, wins or no wins.

But, being a man of integrity, Haye decided to go ahead and pummel his way to a series of titles anyway. He's a heavyweight champion AND a multiple cruiserweight champion, comfortably fulfilling his childhood ambition to be just like Rocky. You know, the same childhood ambition many of us had as kids, before we realised it was slightly less damaging to our heads to not do that after all.

But for all his scariness – and the man could make a brick wall shiver simply by looking at it funny – David has his soft side. He does smile a lot, for example. He's got a really lovely smile. And there's the whole matter of how he used to model underpants, which does make him a fraction less terrifying than if he didn't used to model underpants.

And then there's his intense love of chocolate. Don't take our word for it: in one interview he confessed to being able to happily snarf down a kilo in one go. And not a proper blokey chocolate like Yorkie or Mars, either. We're talking Galaxy. The big man likes Galaxy. Glass of rosé with that, Dave? (Only kidding. Don't hurt us.)

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