About 24 Hours to Go Broke

24 Hours to Go Broke does exactly what it says on the tin. Five pairs of celebrities are tasked with spending up to £10,000 of Dave’s hard-earned cash in 24 hours. But not in the UK, oh no. They’re sent to some of the most random places around the world with up to £10,000 worth of local currency, a set of strict rules and three contact numbers of local people who may be able to help.

24 Hours to Go Broke

Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The celebrities must follow strict rules and, with the tight time pressure bearing down on them, the challenge is not as simple as it seems.

When the time’s up they aren’t allowed to own any assets that don't belong to them so there can't be any expensive souvenirs, hastily made suits or bottles of foreign booze. They must blow it on madcap experiences, they can’t give the money away and are only allowed to spend up to 10 per cent on any one activity. The lucky, or not so lucky, ones are also allowed to gamble up to £1,000 of the cash but is that a risk they'll be willing to take?

Episode 1 - Armenia

David Baddiel and Richard Herring

The veteran stand-ups - and long-time comedy colleagues - take an eight-hour flight to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. More...

Episode 2 - Ireland

David Haye and Seann Walsh

The former World Heavy-Weight Boxing Champion teams up with Seann to take on the Emerald Isle’s second city, Cork. More...

Episode 3 - Germany

Greg Rutherford and Josh Widdicombe

The Olympic Champion joins Josh in Bavaria, the tallest region of Germany. More...

Episode 4 - Greece

Rachel Riley and Joe Wilkinson

Rachel and Joe arrive in Thessaloniki with a cash-filled suitcase on the day before an extraordinary Greek carnival. More...

Episode 5 - Iceland

Phil Tufnell and Susan Calman

Ex-England cricketer Phil and comic Susan are dropped off on a remote volcanic beach outside Reykjavik. More...

24 Hours to Go Broke

The Rules

1. You may hire anyone or anything you need but you must not pay more than the reasonable going rate.

2. The money should be spent on experiences and cannot be given away.

3. You must not spend more than 10% of the total on any one experience.

4. Any spend that goes against the spirit of the challenge may be vetoed.

5. If you are successful in the challenge you will be rewarded. If you fail, there will be a forfeit.

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