Seann Walsh

Seann Walsh has possibly the scruffiest hair in comedy, but also the poshest voice. He's even a dab hand at doing a Michael McIntyre impression – perhaps it's because he can swing his hair about like he's worth it too.

Seann Walsh

If we were to write a personal add for Seann Walsh, it would probably go something like this: "20ish-something male, looking for a lot of laughs with a girl who enjoys people watching. By which I mean, looking at people and thinking they're dicks." That'd surely get him a load of girls. Not that we imagine he needs a personal ad, comedians have loads of money and chicks, right? That's why we hang out with them anyway.

So just who is this Seann Walsh anyroad? Actually, the word "anyroad" has no business being in that sentence, as it implies he's some kind of Northener. In fact, he's the worst kind of Southern softie, residing in that trendiest of hipster havens, Brighton. Still, let's not hold that against him, as he's really very funny indeed. Since appearing on the scene in 2006, he's bagged Chortle's Best Newcomer award and taken part in Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow. That's quite good going for a guy who does actually sound a little bit like he needs to blow his nose. We're just saying, like. He might need his adenoids checked – always good to point these things out.

Earning his comedy stripes early on, Seann has since appeared several times on Mock the Week, 8 Out of 10 Cats and even took his posh pomme accent all the way to Australia to take part in Good News Week, where he attempted to answer enough questions to qualify for an Australian visa. He didn't embarrass us Brits at all – he only asked what 'a Canberra' was...

Ticking a fair few things off of his bucket list, Seann also starred in Comic Relief's 24 Hour Panel People and joined fellow Mock the Week-er Russell Howard for his Good News Extra show. It's not really a surprise that Seann found common ground with Russell Howard – they are both excitable man-child type comedians. While Russell favours a good fart joke, Seann enjoys discussing how he passes his time (not wind, notably) checking people out on the escalators on the London Underground and deciding whether the people around him are dicks or worthy of an altogether more flattering "I would". Come on, we've all done it.

It seems that Seann is pretty serious about his career though and has been taking a fair few tips off of other comedians – his tendency to bash himself around the head with a microphone gives a certain Lee Evans flavour to his comedy. He also still performs regularly at Brighton's famed Komedia club, and has a tendency to get all deep and poetic about the vocation of a stand-up. In one interview, he pointed out that the stage, far from being frightening, is actually "one of the safest places in the world" because nothing can touch him there – no bills, no annoying phone calls, no real world obligations. It's just him and his humour. Well, maybe some hecklers too, but now that he's a big telly comic and all that, we bet there'll be far less of those.

All in all, Seann looks like he's got a pretty rosy comedic future ahead of him. But don’t expect him to shack up in London with all the other comedy luvvies anytime soon. He's apparently staying put in merry little Brighton. If you see him, follow our tip and shout out "Oi, famous man!". Not Seann Walsh, mind: just "famous man". He loves that, apparently.

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