Richard Herring

Richard Herring "writes comedy in the vocabulary of a sexually frustrated Methodist preacher". Not our words, the words of his old pal Stewart Lee. But heck, we'll go with them.

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Ordinarily, someone described as an "obsessive blogger" is someone you wouldn't want to spend much time with. But Richard Herring is the exception. His legendary blog (yes, blogs can be legendary now) is called Warming Up, which he's added a huge wodge of words to every single day since 2002. It wards off writer's block, apparently. And it lets him vent. Which, for a man with so much on his mind, is definitely a good thing.

Once regarded as the sweet, jolly half of 90s double act Lee and Herring, he's since become one of the most controversial comedians in the land. This is the chap who gave us the stand-up show that tried to reclaim the Hitler moustache. Because "it was Chaplin's first, then Hitler ruined it." Unsurprisingly, some newspapers got the wrong end of the stick. Even though the right end was clearly signposted with giant flashing lights made of jokes.

Richard's used to rebelling, though. His dad was a school headmaster, which probably explains his natural inclination to say the wrongest things in the most unashamed ways possible. It also helps that he's… well, not EVIL exactly, but definitely on first name terms with the dark flipside of human existence. His subject on Celebrity Mastermind was Rasputin, after all.

But really it's Richard Herring's way with the funnies that's made fame happen to him. Part of the gung-ho comedy gang that included Chris Morris, Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci, he even had a hand in the creation of a certain Norwich-based disk jockey called Alan Partridge. Add to that the seminal show Fist of Fun, plus numerous stand-up tours and reliably startling TV appearances, and all in all it's not a bad CV for a "bumpkin peasant" (Stewart Lee's words again) who grew up in Cheddar.

And, for any Herring groupies out there who fancy their chances, they should bear in mind that he'd only stray from his current relationship if he was presented with Doctor Who companion Amy Pond. Not the lady who plays her, mind, but the actual Amy Pond. As Herring once clarified, "If the actress is prepared to stay in character, then I will have sex with her." Good to know.

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